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Watching by Phone Number

Monitor phone numbers you are unfamiliar with, or need to be cautious about.

Ever received phone calls from unknown sources? Or do you just need to monitor numbers for safety reasons? Either way, Reverse Phone Watch will alert you weekly if a phone number you want to Watch appears in new Northern Illinois public records. Reverse Phone Watch is your automated private eye - scanning millions of Illinois public records for you - so you don't have to.

You may be receiving phone calls from a harassing bill collector or even worse, someone who is stalking you. Keep you and your family safe, and find out who is calling with Watch Illinois. If a new public record is filed with that phone number attached, you will be alerted via email so you can find the name, business name, and/or address for the person who has been calling you.

ReversePhoneWatch will scan for:

Get Started in 4 Easy Steps

  • Step One: Create an Account
  • Step Two: Create your Watch  
  • Step Three: View results instantly
  • Step Four: Receive ongoing weekly updates if new public records are filed

What is WatchIllinois?

WatchIllinois is a unique online tool which automatically alerts you when a change occurs in the public record of a person, property, or business of your choosing. Simply sign up for the criteria you want to "watch" , and we'll e-mail you weekly, letting you know if new public records are filed in the Illinois court system, based on your criteria.

About Us

WatchIllinois is a subsidiary of Record Information Services, Inc. , a 21-year old public record data compiler in the far west suburbs of Chicago, IL. WatchIllinois was created to satisfy the demand for an automated public record alerting system, that would save people time, money, and the effort that is required to track down and locate people, properties, businesses, and more in Northern Illinois. » Read More