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Finding friends, family, or others, has never been easier

Avoid multiple people searches by letting People Watch automatically Watch people for you. You'll get an e-mail alert if the person you are seeking appears in northern Illinois public records. From friends, family, coworkers, or anyone else you are curious or cautious about, People Watch is be your automated private eye - scanning millions of Illinois public records for you - so you don't have to.

Are you a private investigator trying to do an asset search? Are you an attorney trying to track down an ex-husband for child support? Do you wonder what type of investments your business partner is pursuing behind your back? Watch Illinois can help you find people and their property, so you can verify assets for divorce cases or child support. WatchIllinois will alert you when new public records are filed in their name.

Watch Illinois can help with skiptrace services by helping you identify a person’s whereabouts and verifying their property ownership or other business ventures. You can do asset searches on individuals or find out who owns certain residential or commercial property. Watch Illinois will show you all past and current public records on the individual of your choice.

Be alerted when your client or clients files bankruptcy or gets a DUI. This is especially valuable in the banking and credit industry when it is important to track the financial status of clients. Verifying public record status is as important as keeping track of items on your credit report. You may have an item incorrect on your mortgage or deed which will prevent or hold up your property from being transferred at the time of sale.

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What is WatchIllinois?

WatchIllinois is a unique online tool which automatically alerts you when a change occurs in the public record of a person, property, or business of your choosing. Simply sign up for the criteria you want to "watch" , and we'll e-mail you weekly, letting you know if new public records are filed in the Illinois court system, based on your criteria.

About Us

WatchIllinois is a subsidiary of Record Information Services, Inc. , a 21-year old public record data compiler in the far west suburbs of Chicago, IL. WatchIllinois was created to satisfy the demand for an automated public record alerting system, that would save people time, money, and the effort that is required to track down and locate people, properties, businesses, and more in Northern Illinois. » Read More