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What is WatchIllinois?

WatchIllinois is a unique online tool which automatically alerts you when a change occurs in the public record of a person, property, or business of your choosing. Simply sign up for the criteria you want to "watch" (for as low as $5.95 ), and we'll e-mail you weekly, letting you know if new public records are filed in the Illinois court system, based on your criteria. 100% Safe and Completely Confidential.

A Daily Herald news article about "Monitoring can help prevent theft losses" which is exactly what Watch Illinois can do for you.

What public records does WatchIllinois look for?

WatchIllinois can help you find a person, business, or property in Northern Illinois. WatchIllinois takes your search criteria and scans through all types of Illinois public records to find a match. WatchIllinois will look for the following types of public records:

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Your subscription service includes

  • Prices starting as low as $5.95 for a period of 90 Days
  • Scanning of our public record database which scans 22 million past filled Northern Illinois public records for the information you seek
  • Weekly e-mails that update you on the status of your Watches
  • Scanning 40,000+ newly published Northern Illinois public records weekly for the information you want to "watch"
  • FREE upgrade to change your search criteria if no public records are found
  • Downloadable and printable files of any public records that are found
  • 100% confidential and secure service

Current Searchable Record Counts

DatabaseRecord Count
Mortgages 11,846,280
Real Estate 7,529,758
Criminal Misdemeanor 1,569,213
Bankruptcies 1,343,153
Foreclosures 1,284,320
Detainers 1,158,933
Suspended Licenses 1,137,484
Mortgage Releases 870,377
Criminal Felonies 707,461
Tax Liens 484,661
DUI 390,501
Liens - Judgments 385,401
Divorces 313,781
Probate 183,177
Incorporations 139,967
Mortgage Assignments 138,718
Business Licenses 132,880
Tax Sales 77,348
Building Violations 38,885


"I do loan modifications for folks in foreclosure. I use WatchIllinois to alert me to changes in the status of foreclosure properties and auctions, so I can take action right away if needed."
- Tiffany B. , Elburn, IL
"I just got divorced and was trying to get in touch with old friends. I was able to locate one of my buddies from college with Watch through a real estate transaction he made. This service is great!"
- Matt R., Riverside, IL
"They kept laying people off at my company, and I'm a senior manager. I wondered if there were issues and WatchIllinois informed me right away when they filed bankruptcy. Thankfully this gave me enough time to get out of there and move on elsewhere."
- Julie Rickert, Northbrook, IL

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Company News

Record Information Services is excited to announce the launch of our newly redesigned Public Records Website for Public Libraries. The new library link, located at allows library patrons use of up to 17 public records databases, with the patron accessing data either onsite at their library, or remotely for those libraries with remote access. The site features a fresh look and easy-to-navigate design, while continuing the tradition of being a one-stop-shop for public record research and marketing lists. A few of the databases most commonly offered at Libraries include searchable Deeds, Foreclosures, and Business Licenses, from which the user can create their own personalized list after pinpointing criteria such as date range, zip code, or other selections.

About Us

WatchIllinois is a subsidiary of Record Information Services, Inc. , a 21-year old public record data compiler in the far west suburbs of Chicago, IL. WatchIllinois was created to satisfy the demand for an automated public record alerting system, that would save people time, money, and the effort that is required to track down and locate people, properties, businesses, and more in Northern Illinois. » Read More