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WatchIllinois allows you to monitor people, property, phone numbers, or businesses in the Illinois public record system. Whether you want to track down an old friend, or find out if a client of yours files bankruptcy, WatchIllinois will alert you via e-mail if their information appears in Northern Illinois public records - in the future, or in the past.

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  • Prices starting as low as $5.95 for a period of 90 Days
  • Scanning of our public record database which scans 22 million past filled Northern Illinois public records for the information you seek
  • Weekly e-mails that update you on the status of your Watches
  • Scanning 40,000+ newly published Northern Illinois public records weekly for the information you want to "watch"
  • FREE upgrade to change your search criteria if no public records are found
  • Downloadable and printable files of any public records that are found
  • 100% confidential and secure service

What is WatchIllinois?

WatchIllinois is a unique online tool which automatically alerts you when a change occurs in the public record of a person, property, or business of your choosing. Simply sign up for the criteria you want to "watch" , and we'll e-mail you weekly, letting you know if new public records are filed in the Illinois court system, based on your criteria.

About Us

WatchIllinois is a subsidiary of Record Information Services, Inc. , a 21-year old public record data compiler in the far west suburbs of Chicago, IL. WatchIllinois was created to satisfy the demand for an automated public record alerting system, that would save people time, money, and the effort that is required to track down and locate people, properties, businesses, and more in Northern Illinois. » Read More